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Cycle Excel has the simplest way for you to become an indoor cycling instructor with our Online Virtual courses. We have three levels available. Complete all three levels together or select a course separately. Get instant access via your mobile, tablet or computer. Start today. 


14  Fitness Australia CEC's (level1,2,3)   $417


10  Fitness Australia CEC's (Level 1,2 )    $307


6  Fitness Australia CEC's (Level 1)    $197


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8  Fitness Australia CEC's (Level 2,3)    $257


4  Fitness Australia CEC's  (Level 2)   $143


4  Fitness Australia CEC's  (Level 3)   $147

Fitness Australia cec courses


Cycle Excel Online with Videos on Demand

Level 1 & 2 & 3 has everything including myofascia & more advanced-intermediate training sessions $417     14 CEC's

Level 1 & 2 offers the basics plus core, technique and twenty training sessions $307     10 CEC's

Level 1 offers the basics $197     6 CEC's

All levels can be completed together or separately by instructors and non instructors.

Already teaching?

If you are currently teaching, complete Level 2 & 3 Online $257    8 CEC's

Level 2 Online. Core, technique and twenty training sessions $ 143   4 CEC's

Level 3 Online. Myofascia, pedal stroke, new ideas, tabata and more advanced and intermediate training sessions $147   4 CEC's

Online CEC courses

Online Fitness Australia CEC courses

Online Cycle instructor course

How do I become a cycle instructor?

How to become a spin instructor?

Fitness cec courses


Face to Face Courses


face to face cec accreditation courses

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14     CEC Points     $447

10     CEC Points     $337

6       CEC Points     $287

cec accreditation courses



Level 1 & 2 is completed in One day 

Level 1 & 2 & 3 takes one day but offers more training ideas in the form of class videos. Simply watch the videos after your training to benefit from the class ideas and teaching cues. Just like having your own personal coach after completing the course.


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Regular events are held at different locations and venues. If we don't have a date that suits, start today with the Online virtual courses. Courses are available in three levels, Level 1, 2 and 3.  

Now featuring Videos on demand - Just like having your own personal cycle coach. Complete the training in one day and watch the videos for support, for ideas and for inspiration. The videos are not compulsory but will help you create stand out classes, access them anytime 24/7 for up to 12 months.

Level 1 covers the basics and is held in one day and level 2 follows on the same day offering information on technique, core connection, pedal stroke and intermediate - advanced training templates.
Level 3 follows on from level 2 and offers training on Myofascial release tabata and more advanced training ideas. Instructors and non instructors are welcome. If the date is advertised there are places available. Once you have booked, you will receive a confirmation email with details of what to bring. We look forward to meeting you!

We recommend a minimum of Level 1 & 2 for the support and class ideas


Level 1 face to face and level 2 + 3  $447    14 CEC's  5 PDP's

Level 1 face to face + level 2  $337     10 CEC's  3 PDP's

Level 1 face to face $287  ( no class videos )  6 CEC's  2 PDP's


Fitness Australia courses

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CEC courses

Fitness Australia CEC points 14 CEC's

Physical Activity PDP points 5 PDP's

Online and Face to face CEC courses

Online Spin instructor course 

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