The Non Instructor

Cycle Excel offers education for the enthusiast who would like to learn how to put together thier own training programs for themselves, team or home cycle studio. Cycle Excel's Online Virtual courses include plans to help you get started immediately. We have three levels available. Complete all three levels together or select a course separately. Get instant access via your mobile, tablet or computer. You will have access to all the video content and training materials for up to 5 months and you can easily complete all three levels in less than 15 hours.  You can go back and review any content for up to 5 months. To teach Indoor cycling at most of the big fitness chains you will require Certifiate Three in Fitness, a current first aid certificate and the Cycle Excel Online virtual training or face to face training. Some individual cycle studios do not require Certificate Three in fitness, just the Cycle Excel programs, we recommend you contact your local cycle studio if you wish to teach to find out their requirements. 

Level 1 & 2 & 3 Online Virtual has everything including myofascia and more advanced and intermediate training sessions.    

(performance + training fundamentals + basics) $417

Level 1 & 2 Online Virtual offers the basics plus core, technique and twenty training sessions.   

(Training fundamentals + foundation basics) $307

Level 1 offers the basics.   

(foundation basics) $197

All levels can be completed together or separately by instructors and non instructors.

Start today with the Online virtual courses.

Level 1

Chapter 1 Training overview

Chapter 2 Bike design and safety

Chapter 3 Bike set up

Chapter 4 Upper body technique

Chapter 5 Shoe selection

Chapter 6 The exercises

Chapter 7 Heart rate

Chapter 8 Resistance

Chapter 9 Cadence

Chapter 10 The cycle class

Chapter 11 The warm up design

Chapter 12 Creating cycle imagery

Chapter 13 Tactics and time keeping

Chapter 14 Putting a class together

Chapter 15 Music guidelines, BPM, RPM

Chapter 16 Sign off


Level 2

Chapter 1 Level 2 overview

Chapter 2 Revision

Chapter 3 Anaerobic training

Chapter 4 Three Learning styles

Chapter 5 Motivation

Chapter 6 Visualisation and conscious training

Chapter 7 Core connection

Chapter 8 Sprints

Chapter 9 Warm up 

Chapter 10 Visualisation 

Chapter 11 Team pursuit 

Chapter 12 Catch the chorus 

Chapter 13 Strength training

Chapter 14 Power training

Chapter 15 Cat and mouse 

Chapter 16 Sprint training 

Chapter 17 Pyramids

Chapter 18 Cadence ladders

Chapter 19 Extensive interval and Intensive interval

Chapter 20 Team and partner work

Chapter 21 Cool down and stretch 

Chapter 22 Sign off


Level 3

Chapter 1 Level 3 overview

Chapter 2 How to put classes together

Chapter 3 Technique tips

Chapter 4 The zones

Chapter 5 Imagery and tactics update

Chapter 6 Resistance and cadence

Chapter 7 The warm up script, class and template

Chapter 8 Resistance ladder

Chapter 9 Pyramid Interval efforts

Chapter 10 Beat the beat 

Chapter 11 Fartlek

Chapter 12 Hiit

Chapter 13 Miit

Chapter 14 Six station circuit

Chapter 15 Tabata prep and Tabata sessions

Chapter 16 Heart rate Ladder

Chapter 17 Sprint training effect and sprint intervals

Chapter 18 Song maps

Chapter 19 Pedal stroke

Chapter 20 Myofascia

Chapter 21 Cool down and stretch 

Chapter 22 Sign off